Paral·lel Avenue

The Serhs del Port Hotel is located at the Parallel Avenue (Avinguda del Paral•lel). The Parallel Avenue is known for its numerous theatres; the avenue was at its peak from the end of XiX century until the war (1939), when all the theatres and cabarets of Barcelona were closed. Little by little, since 50’s when the majority of the places were reopening, the Parallel Avenue got back its splendor and became the area of artists and spectators as it was before. Some people compare the Paral•lel during this period with Montmartre in Paris or with Broadway in New York.

Nowadays there still are many important theatres that had revived and keep doing performances of different kinds of genres as “El Molino” that reminds Parisian “Moulin Rouge”, the theatre Victoria, theatre Condal or Apollo theatre among others.

The area is also famous by its wide variety of gastronomy offers, famous restaurants as “Tickets” or “Pakta”, honored with one star Michelin and directed by Albert and Ferran Adrià. We should also mention the nightlife over the area: cocktail bars, pubs, disco and a lot of concert halls. We highly recommend a full day of leisure and culture in one of the hotels that can be found on Avenida Paral • lel in Barcelona.

Staying in the Serhs del Port hotel, you can enjoy a setting full of history, culture and leisure in Avinguda Paral•lel of Barcelona.